Lucy Ann & Tom


James M. Smith, Last Will and Testament, February 9, 1850
August 27, 1858; People enslaved by John P. Smith at his death. Since John had left no will, they went up for auction at the Buncombe County Courthouse.

c1840: Lucy Ann is born.

February 9, 1850: Tom is a miller and is enslaved by James M. Smith. Lucy Ann is also enslaved by James M. Smith. Smith lists “Lucy Ann + Tom (the miller)” in his will. It is possible that they are husband and wife.

May 18, 1856: Lucy Ann as well as four other people – Miles, Charles, Alfred, and Tom – are inherited by John P. Smith upon his father’s death.

December 20, 1857: Lucy Ann’s captor, John P. Smith, dies without leaving a will.

August 27, 1858: 18-year-old Lucy Ann and two children are sold at the Court House by the Smith estate to J.A. Patton for $1,400.00.

September 14, 1860: J.A. Patton enslaves four females – ages 45, 8, 4, and 1 – likely meaning that he has sold Lucy Ann or she has passed away. He may still enslave the two children.