Dear Detective,

I hear you’re ready to get to work. And not a moment too soon. We’ve got a case at our local history museum and we need you to get right on it. The historians there are stumped. They have a bunch of unidentified artifacts on their hands. Big things, small things, heavy things, light things. The folks at the museum don’t know how or why any of them were used.

We need you to travel back in time to the year 1900 and see if you can figure out what these objects were, how they were used, and why they were made. I’ve included a list of questions to help you make inferences about each object.

There’s not much time, so make sure to get help from your classmates. Good luck and safe travels.


Chief of Detectives
History Detective Agency

P.S. I’ve enclosed your badge. Write your name on it and keep it with you on your journey.

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