“The committee was especially struck by the depth of research and the objective and nuanced perspective that Ellison and McCue show in their work. This book will long serve as a comprehensive picture for a casual reader and a wealth of sources and information for researchers,” said Brandon Johnson, Chair of the selection committee.

From the publisher: “An icon of the Southern Appalachian region known for the seminal books Camping and Woodcraft (1906) and Our Southern Highlanders (1913), Horace Kephart was instrumental in efforts to establish the Appalachian Trail along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. But Kephart is perhaps best known for his decade-long crusade to help protect the Smokies as a national park. The culmination of decades of tireless research and devoted scholarship, Back of Beyond: A Horace Kephart Biography is the compelling story of this librarian-turned-woodsman who had a far-reaching effect on wilderness literature and outdoor pursuits throughout North America.”

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Back of Beyond: A Horace Kephart Biography