From the publisher: Last One Home, the final book in John Ehle’s masterful Appalachian series that traces the King family from The Land Breakers in 1779, as the first white settlers in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina, through the Great Depression in Last One Home. Ehle’s most comfortable venue, the mountain regions of western North Carolina, is shifted down into town, Asheville, for this capacious, highly engaging and wise, somewhat feckless family chronicle. Farm-boy Pinkney “Pink” Wright, with new wife Amanda King, finds more interest trading along turn-of-the-century Asheville’s Lexington Avenue than he does working ploughs and cows. That he is good at trading is beyond question: he quickly makes money and sets down roots in the growing city; there’s a house in town, the arrival of children–Fredrick, Hallie, Young (Pink Jr.); ultimately Pink branches off into selling insurance to mountain whites and town blacks during the early Twenties. And, in parallel with Pink’s rapidly increasing fortunes, there are the rising fortunes of Asheville itself–its expansion into a tourist town and local business center.


Last One Home