From the author: “This volume, my fourth book of poetry, is different from the kind of poetry in my other books. Three dramas occupy a large part of the book. The longer one, a three-act musical drama, is the opus of my lifetime. During most of my life, I have carried the dream of writing it, hoping at first that it would be an oratorio, but have called it a musical drama. It is now in the hands of a composer, who may finish the musical part within the year and publish it separately, Cloud and Fire. In this volume I have placed between the heavy tough plays and dramatic monologs a few tender lyrics–sonnets and haiku, as a kind of dramatic relief. This book may be controversial. “Conversation in HEave” is a daring undertaking–possibly reckless. But it will be found reverent, with a feeling of awe–almost fear and trembling.” – Charlotte Young 1978


Day of Miracles