From the publisher: “The traditional arts among the Eastern Band of Cherokees which are surveyed in this document include basketry, pottery, woodcrafts, weaving, bead, shell, stone, leather and metal working. In the section on basketry, which receives the most coverage, there are descriptions of the materials, especially the native uses of vegetation in making baskets and dyes as well as explanations of weaving techniques, shapes, designs and uses of baskets. There is limited discussion regarding what is known from archeology about these crafts and brief mention of how and where materials might have been obtained in the more recent past. Since 1946, the Cherokee in western North Carolina, with the assistance of the Indian Service Personnel, have organized the Qualla Cooperative to maintain high quality work and to facilitate marketing of Cherokee crafts. The Indian Arts and Crafts Board along with the Cooperative have provided for the continuation, revival and demonstration of these hand crafts, some of which are on display at the Oconaluftee Indian Village. This re-creation of a Cherokee village of 1750 was conceived of by the Cherokee Historical Association and is open to tourists. The numerous photographs in the text come from the above named organizations as well as the author’s and other personal collections and the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.”


Arts and Crafts of the Cherokee