From the publisher: “In the years just preceding the War of 1812 one man, an Indian, dominated the American frontier—Tecumseh. He emerges here as a vivid, splendid character, a man of unusual talents and noble aims, whereas in much previous history and biography he has been depicted as a baffling, sinister, often bloody figure—a man of inscrutable motives whose scheming for a time actually threatened to delay the settlement of the Northwest. Tecumseh’s great oratorical powers, his statesmanship, his military acumen, his personal magnetism won him the passionate loyalty of his Indians and the admiration of even his white enemies. In nobility of character, in leadership and in devotion to a lost cause he suggests points of comparison with Robert E. Lee. Noted biographer Glenn Tucker expands the scope of his earlier books by focusing exclusively on the intimate knowledge of his subject; Tecumseh. Taking an in-depth look at this complex man, his life, and the times that shaped him, Tucker’s work appeals to history buffs as well as anyone interested in thoughtfully crafted American biographies.”


Tecumseh: Vision of Glory