From the publisher: “For 469 miles the Blue Ridge Parkway follows the crests of ridges and mountains on a ribbon-like course through some of the nation’s most spectacular scenery. Each year millions of visitors travel this ‘pleasure parkway,’ marveling at its breathtaking vistas and sensing the rich lore of a rugged wilderness…. Few visitors recognize, however, the dramatic achievements that the Parkway represents. In the beginning intense political infighting, on all levels of government, jeopardized the vision of a new kind of road. But once the future of the Parkway was secure, planners and construction engineers were faced with unique guidelines: build for pleasure, not speed; be careful with nature, leave no ugly scars; and retain rustic setting but provide modern conveniences and maximum recreational opportunities. All of this–the attractions and the colorful history–are a part of the total Parkway story, told by historian Harley E. Jolley, a specialist in the interpretation of pioneer history of the Parkway area. His account is a sensitive interpretation of the origins, development, and beauty of a road that has been described as the most scenic in America.”


The Blue Ridge Parkway